Your Owners Want ePayment Options. Are You Providing?

    The ways that online access is affecting the business world are too numerous to list, but one of the biggest is the rise in electronic payment systems.  Compared with virtually any in-person payment method, online “ePayment” options are far easier as well as bringing additional benefits to everyone involved.

    Are you already offering ePayment options?  If not, the best property management software options already implement both ePayment and eStatement services.  There are plenty of reasons to consider adding these to the properties you manage.

    Why More Property Managers Are Realizing the Best Property Management Software Includes ePayment Options

    1. Reduce paperwork

    Is there any remaining reason to keep using paper-based systems if you can avoid it?  They’re time-consuming, they require a lot of space for filing, they waste paper, and they’re expensive.  The more paper you can cut out of your management systems, the better.  This is a case where “going green” is flat-out good for your bottom line.

    1. Offer more payment options to Owners.

    In the last decade, we’ve seen a rise in “alternative” payment systems such as PayPal and Bitcoin which are strictly digital.  A lot of customers are coming to prefer them, thanks to their ease of use and because they often have much lower usage fees than credit cards.  An ePayment system broadens payment options, while potentially saving money all around.

    1. Increase on-time payments and reduce delinquencies.

    An eStatement system can ensure your Owners are always aware of their due dates, and you can set several reminders prior to the date to ensure prompt payment.  They can also be set up to send automatic warnings whenever a payment is missed, along with instructions on how to pay immediately.  Simply put, you’ll get your money on time more often.

    1. Online archives allow you and Owners to quickly look up records.

    The other big benefit to ePayment and eStatement services is that all the records are digital, and instantly available for view whenever needed.  Both you and your Owners can look up payment records at any time of day or night, within seconds, without any hassle.  It’s just another added layer of efficiency.

    Turn to Asyst6 For the Best Property Management Software

    Asyst Software integrates full ePayment and eStatement systems, along with a wealth of other services that can optimize your property management.  Contact us today to learn more!

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