Are You Prepared for California’s New CID Property Management Regulations?

    There are a lot of great things about living here in California – like the climate, and the people.  However, it does mean dealing with a government that loves changing the regulatory rules a bit more often than most people would like.  This can be a real burden to someone managing a Common Interest Development since the rules can change on a yearly basis!

    We try to keep up with the latest in California CID property management laws, so here are some of the most important changes you need to ensure you’re complying with.

    Three Critical Changes to California CID Property Management Regulations

    1 – Expanded conflict-of-interest disclosure

    One big change came with AB 690, which significantly expanded the disclosures you and other CID managers must make.  Along with having to disclose any direct conflicts of interest, you must also disclose pretty much any and all businesses you have any direct stake in.  This includes full or partial ownership, profit-sharing, or any other financial rewards.

    2 – You must permit most solar energy installations

    Fortunately, AB 634 is a “can’t” rather than a “must” so it requires less effort on your part.  Simply put, in most cases CID residents are allowed to install solar electric systems for their household use, and the property managers cannot prohibit it.   That said, you can impose reasonable requirements, like having the homeowner present their plans as proof their installation won’t cause any communal damage.

    3 – Expanded right to assembly

    SB 407 makes major changes to the power you and the CID board have to restrict community assembly in common areas for non-commercial purposes.  Boiled down, residents are explicitly allowed to peacefully assemble in common areas to advocate for pretty much any non-commercial purpose.  This includes political campaigning, discussions of changes to the CID itself, or other social issues.  They are also permitted to invite relevant outside parties, such as hosting speeches by political candidates.

    However, you can still regulate how many guests\outsiders are brought in, so this won’t be an excuse to turn your CID into a large-scale rally.  You won’t have to deal with the insurance and ADA problems that would cause.

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