Does Your Condo Have A Well-Defined Pet Policy?

    While every condo will have its own rules of ownership and conduct, these tend to be pretty similar across most properties.  That is, except when it comes to pets.  There’s probably no other regulatory topic where you’ll see a wider range of rules and policies in place than the question of what animals -if any- tenants are allowed to keep.

    So, as a condo manager, it’s vital to have well-defined policies regarding pets and the keeping thereof.  It benefits you and gives you some legal options when the rules are broken, and it also allows potential tenants to make informed decisions about where they live.

    The Importance of Clearly-Defined Condo Pet Policies

    Some people might be asking, “Why allow pets at all?  They just cause damage.”  And that’s true, to an extent.  However, an unwavering no-pets policy is also going to somewhat limit your potential market.  A large number of home-shoppers already own pets and will probably not be willing to give them up when there are other condos which allow pets.

    Also, a policy which is too strict can ultimately encourage tenants to hide pets, or even cause disputes over what constitutes a pet in the first place.

    So, while “no pets at all” is an option, many condos do prefer a more nuanced policy.  Among these condos, there are several areas which need to be clearly regulated:

    • What types of animals are allowed?  Dogs, cats, fish, and rodents are almost always going to be permitted, but what about more exotic options such as birds, lizards, or insects?
    • Noise regulations.  Given the close proximity of condos to each other, noise regulations must be in place.  Few would argue that a constantly-barking dog shouldn’t be removed if the owners can’t control it.
    • Sanitation requirements.  Owners must be responsible for their pet’s waste and deal with it in a way which does not inconvenience other tenants.  Be sure this is all clearly defined, particularly if dogs are going on walks in common areas.
    • Responsibility for messes.  Tenants should understand and agree that they are responsible for any messes or damage caused by their animals.  Don’t leave any leeway here.

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