Why “Free” HOA Management Software Isn’t Such A Good Deal

    With so many sources for software out there, why spend money for HOA management software when you can get something for free instead?

    Just about anyone in any area of business has probably wondered this from time to time.  If it’s possible to put together a solution from freely available software, why pay more than you have to?  Well, most of the time, it’s a “you get what you pay for” sort of situation.  Sure, much of the time you can find a solution… but it’s rarely going to be the best solution for your needs.

    Free software can be helpful for smaller companies that are just starting out, but if you’re managing a homeowner’s association, you need HOA software that can keep up with your needs!

    Three Reasons Why Free HOA Management Software Isn’t A Good Deal

    1 – You probably won’t be able to do it all with one software package

    HOA software is specially designed by its creators to put all the features you need in one place.  You’re going to have a very hard time finding all that in a piece of freeware or open-source software.  Chances are, you would have to install several different pieces of software, which in turn will greatly reduce your efficiency – or even introduce insurmountable hurdles due to compatibility problems.

    2 – There may be limitations built in

    There’s actually less truly free software out there than you might think.  A lot of so-called free software packages are actually more like standalone demos.  Their designers have put a lot of limits on their utility, specifically to push you towards paying for an upgraded package.

    And once you’ve already invested time and energy into the free version, you might not be willing to walk away – even if the paid upgrade doesn’t fulfill your needs.

    3 – You won’t put your best face forward

    Let’s say you want to implement a portal so that your residents can log maintenance issues.  There is free software that does this – but it’s going to result in a portal page that’s got other branding on it or may even have ads all over the page.  How’s that going to look to the residents?


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