Why Do I Need Association Management Software If I Already Have A CMS?

    For many operations, getting their first Customer Management System (CMS) felt like a revolution.  Finally, all the details on their customers or members, in one place, with all the data tracking one could want.  With all that, what other software package could they need?

    Well, for a growing homeowner’s association, there is a lot of reason to invest in association management software.  Why?  Simply because it does more.  In the same way a CMS once streamlined your member relationship processes, association management software can streamline just about every other aspect of your HOA.

    Four Things You Can Do with Association Management Software, But Not CMS

    1 – Automate your billing

    Billing is without doubt one of the most important of your administrative tasks, but it can also be among the most time-consuming – particularly if you have members who are reluctant about paying their dues.  The right management software, however, can automate almost every part of the process, from initial bills to overdue warnings.

    This can be particularly useful when combined with…

    2 – Online payment systems

    Tired of dealing with checks?  A robust association management application can include several options for online payments, including more traditional methods like direct bank withdrawal, to modern options such as PayPal or even Bitcoin.  When your association members can pay their bills in just a couple clicks, linked-to in the emails sent out by the billing automation system, you should see a big uptick in payments without wasting your time nagging people!

    To further cut down on your administrative costs, you could also include…

    3 – Self-serve maintenance issue reporting

    An association management system can easily include a resident-facing web portal which makes their lives easier, along with yours.  They don’t have to call the office to report maintenance issues and other problems; they can simply submit the ticket directly online and track its progress.  This can substantially reduce the amount of time you spend dealing with calls!

    Another thing members can handle for themselves would be…

    4 – Keep property records

    You can compile plenty of information about the properties, from historical value to maintenance logs, where it can be accessed by those with proper authorizations.  You get a better handle on your HOA, while individuals can look up their own records simply and easily.

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