What Will Association Management Software Look Like in The Years Ahead?

    One of the most exciting parts of providing association management software is seeing just how fast software services are evolving.  Just ten years ago, a robust solution like Asyst6 would be impossible for all but the largest of organizations to achieve.  Now, it’s easily affordable and deployable for properties of all sizes.

    Likewise, we’re looking forward to big changes over the course of the next five to ten years.  Of course, it’s impossible to perfectly predict the future, but here are some of the things we fully expect to see in association management software in the years to come.

    Four Features Coming Soon to Association Management Software of The Future

    1 – Greater modularity and compatibility with other software systems

    Many property management software systems are already quite modular, but this aspect can always be improved.  In particular, we expect the systems to get better about interfacing with existing software packages while bringing new benefits to their users.  Why spend time importing accounting information, for example, when the association management system can instead just pull the data it needs from your current budgeting program?

    2 – Robust CMS integration

    One aspect where some current management systems fall is on the customer\resident side.  Even property managers can benefit from improved Customer Management Systems, and we’re looking towards seeing full CMS style interfaces alongside the property management and budgetary interfaces.

    3 – Improved Cloud/Mobile accessibility 

    Any decent property management system is already cloud-ready and mobile-accessible for managers, but perhaps not so much for residents.  We expect to see improved app offerings for residents that make it easier for them to make use of the consumer-side functions in typical property management programs.  In particular, custom-branded apps are getting cheaper to develop every day.

    4 – Home automation/IoT integration

    Why should a resident have to take the time to fill out work order requests when their air conditioner breaks if the system could detect problems automatically?  This will be the next frontier of property and association management: leveraging the “Internet of Things” to automate many standard maintenance and repair functions.  The potential for improved reporting here is nearly endless, making your life and the lives of your residents much easier.

    Asyst6: The Future-Focused Association Management Software

    Asyst6 was developed by industry professionals, with an eye towards the future.  Contact us to discuss how Asyst6 can streamline your operations today and tomorrow!

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