What Does It Take to Be A Great Condo Manager?

    There is no shortage of condo managers in the world – but sometimes it seems like the great ones are few and far between.  A condo manager is called upon to wear many hats over the course of a day and is ultimately responsible for one or more extremely expensive property investments.

    What does it take to be a great condo manager?  In our own time spent developing condo management software and working directly with property managers, these are the attributes we’d pick.

    Four Attributes of a Great Condo Manager

    1 – A strong work ethic

    There’s a stereotype of property managers being lazy, but that’s not the case – at least not the successful ones.  A great property manager hits the ground running at 8 AM, dealing with issues that came up overnight and any easier problems they can tackle.  This leaves the afternoon (or even the evening) free to handle tougher challenges.

    2 – Deep knowledge of the surrounding area

    It’s not enough to know one’s properties, when advertising them or talking to potential residents.  You need to know the entire area inside and out.  That’s the only way to be able to quickly answer questions about access to services, shopping, dining, school availability, and more.  Knowing those details can be what pushes someone into signing a contract.

    3 – High levels of availability

    A great condo manager isn’t hands-off.  They’re available for residents to contact when needed.  A manager who’s standoffish, or never seems to be around to deal with complaints, isn’t going to inspire much confidence in the residence.  If the condo manager isn’t willing to pay them attention, they may wonder, is the manager paying attention to their property?  Being available for your residents’ breeds assurance.

    4 – Strong people skills

    From managing a team, to acting as a salesman, to dealing with the politics of local committees…  there’s no shortage of times a condo manager is going to have to deal with other people.  The more people skills a condo manager has, the better – and the more likely they are to be a success.

    Make the Most of Your Day with Asyst6 Condo Management Software 

    If you’re pressed for time as a condo manager, Asyst6 might be just what you need!  We’ve designed it top-to-bottom to address all your needs and streamline your workday.  Contact us to learn more or schedule a demo!


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