Top HOA Accounting Software Asyst Data Group Makes It Simple for Property Managers to Comply with New California Civil Code § 4041

    June 2017 – Irvine, CA – The laws surrounding management of condos and other rental/lease properties are constantly changing, which can make it a challenge for property managers to keep up. Such is the case with California civil code § 4041. However, the HOA accounting software package Asyst6 has been updated to simplify the process of Section 4041 compliance.

    Section 4041, which went into effect on January 1, 2017, specifies that property managers must now collect several pieces of information from residents:

    1. An up-to-date mailing address for any notices from the community association,
    2. One or more secondary addresses to be used as fallback,
    3. Names and addresses for each member’s legal representative, if they have one, or else an ’emergency contact’ who can be reached should the member become unreachable, and
    4. Information on whether the member’s property is owner-occupied, vacant, rented out, or undeveloped land.

    Asyst6 makes compliance with these regulations simple. Its database-based structure and easy-to-use GUI streamline the process of recording this information. Further, it centralizes communications between the property management and all members, making it easier to contact them to retrieve this information.  

    Asyst6 was designed to simplify every aspect of property management, and the Asyst Data Group hopes it can help community managers quickly achieve compliance with California code § 4041.

    About Asyst Data Group

    The Asyst Data Group came together when the founders, who had all worked in aspects of property management, financing, and auditing, discovered the lack of a truly robust all-in-one solution for community management and HOA accounting software. This became the impetus for Asyst6 – the most complete software package available for managers of condos, apartments, and other property complexes. Asyst6 uses a modular system which allows each install to be custom-tailored to each manager’s needs, creating a perfect online dashboard for property management whether on-site or on the road.

    For more information or press inquiries, contact (949) 250-0110.

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