The Best Property Management Software Packages Include These Key Features

    It can be difficult to pin down what the best property management software might be, since there are a lot of options out there and not every software package is right for every property manager.  Still, the top options have a lot of features in common – features that help them stand out from the second- and third-tier products.

    If you want to find the best property management software suite for your needs, here are some of the things to look for.

    Four Must-Have Features You’ll Find in The Best Property Management Software

    1 – A full member portal

    Property management software shouldn’t only help your operations, it should also be a benefit – and a selling point – for your residents.  A customer-facing web portal can include numerous features that streamline operations, such as the ability for members to submit their own maintenance tickets.  Or look up their own property records.  It’s easy for them and reduces the burden on your office.

    2 – Automated billing with electronic payments

    Great property management software can overhaul your billing and accounts receivable in a big way.  With a little setup, the system can automatically send out bills, along with whatever reminders and warnings you think are appropriate.  That extends to past-due notices if needed.  Then the messages include direct links to secure online payment portals, allowing your residents to pay up with just a few clicks.

    Again, it’s easy for you and easy for your residents.

    3 – Full online property records

    Everything you need to know about your property can be at your fingertips, including sales records, maintenance logs, even your notes on the residents.  Residents could also make use of this feature, if appropriate, to look up their own records.

    4 – Mobile access 

    You shouldn’t be tied to the office!  A great property management software suite should include a property management app that works with your smartphone.  Then you can oversee your properties, track work orders, and look up records from anywhere.  You can spend more time out of the office, without neglecting your responsibilities.


    Asyst6: One of The Best Property Management Software Products Available

    Asyst6 was developed by people who come from the housing industry, in auditing and property management.  That gives us the edge!  We know what property managers need, and Asyst6 was tailored to give them a truly streamlined management tool.

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