Streamline Your Life with The Right Condo Management Software

    Let it never be said that condo management is an easy job. As a condo manager, you’re responsible for a piece of property that’s worth millions of dollars at the very least. In addition, you’re bound to follow a vast and ever-changing collection of regulations, lest the property owners -or you yourself- become liable under the law. Plus, you have a duty to your various tenants, who will have various rights under their lease/purchase agreement and expect you to uphold those rights.

    That’s a lot of burden to put on one person’s shoulders!

    Broadly speaking, the duties of a condo manager can probably be broken down into five key areas:

    • Communication with the owners, tenants, and vendors/contractors
    • Property maintenance and day-to-day management
    • Record-keeping
    • Fiscal management 
    • Advice and consultation for involved parties

    Anything you can do which streamlines those five key areas will make your life far easier. It can also be a significant defense against legal action, if you have factual evidence of all your management activities. That’s why a piece of solid condo management software could be your best possible investment as a condo manager.

    Condo Management Software Simplifies Every Aspect of Condo Management

    Modern condo management technology is not simply a glorified spreadsheet. It’s an all-in-one package of software intended to collect all your most important job functions and make them easier to deal with. A single easy-to-use GUI makes it a breeze to handle even complicated condo management tasks at any time – even while on the road!

    With good condo management software, you can:

    • Have immediate access to all the financial data for your property, including robust graphing/reporting capabilities.
    • Research the history of any unit from sales prices to maintenance.
    • Easily log, track, and verify work orders.
    • Implement a robust e-payment system, complete with automated messages and warnings for delinquent accounts.
    • Create resident portals which simplify their own interactions, including making payments and creating work orders.
    • Set up community chat/messaging areas, or even handle more complicated functions like community elections.
    • Keep the owners/investors in the loop regarding the state of their investment.
    • Centralize all record-keeping so you can instantly produce needed documentation on demand, in any scenario.

    Asyst Data Group has the world’s top condo management software package, truly developed by property managers for property managers. Contact Asyst today to learn more!

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