Make Your Job Easy With Condo Manager Software

    Condo managers:  why work harder than you have to?  Modern condo manager software suites are packed full of features that all have one purpose – simplifying your job.  With the right condo management software package, you could be spending far less time with paperwork and bureaucracy.

    In fact, you might not even need to be in the office!

    Five Ways Condo Management Software Makes Your Life Easier

    1. Automated payment systems

    Forget about sending out payment notices.  A computer can handle that for you.  The software can track due dates and send bills/reminders as needed.  Combine that with online/electronic payment options and you’ll barely need to worry about bill-collecting at all.

    1. On-the-go management via apps

    Ever feel like you’re obligated to be in the office, even when nothing is happening, just in case something does happen?  Forget it.  With a condo manager software app on your smartphone, you’ll have full access to your systems from anywhere.

    1. Simplified property photography

    Looking to list a property online, or just want to keep a visual record of your property’s changes?  The app on your smartphone can also help catalog your photographs, along with geo-tagging them with GPS coordinates.

    1. DIY work order submission

    Tired of answering phone calls from residents complaining about minor maintenance issues?  Condo management software with a web portal takes care of that.  Work orders can be submitted by the residents directly and tracked online as well.  That’s going to greatly reduce the number of calls to the office bothering you and your staff with mundane matters.

    1. Easy facilities scheduling

    Here’s another way to cut down on calls from residents: implement online scheduling of any shared facilities.  Residents can simply log onto the web portal and reserve time in recreational facilities, like gyms, for themselves.  It’s quick, it’s easy, and it doesn’t require a phone call to you.

    Asyst6 Could Make Your Job a Breeze

    If you’re feeling like condo management should be easier, you’re not alone.  In fact, that’s why we created Asyst6!  As a group of individuals with extensive experience in property finances and management, we realized existing software solutions just weren’t good enough.  The result was Asyst6 – the best choice in condo manager software. Contact us to learn more!

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