Four Times You’ll Want Great HOA Software in Your Office

    Sometimes when a solution is “good enough,” it’s easy to overlook much better solutions.  That’s exactly the case whenever an HOA manager is still using standard off-the-shelf software like Office360 or LibreOffice.  Sure, you can do all the basics, but you have to get creative to handle situations specific to HOAs – if you can handle them at all.

    On the other hand, when you have dedicated HOA software in your office, you’ll be well-prepared for any situation that comes up.  Better yet, you’ll be getting your work done quicker and more easily as well – leaving you more time to dedicate to your HOA, rather than to office work.

    Four HOA Issues You Just Can’t Handle with Regular Office Software

    1 – Quickly and easily tracking records per-property

    Trying to get something like an Excel spreadsheet organized for the needs of an HOA can be a nightmare, given all the specific records that must be kept and organized on a per-property basis.  Not to mention having the right permissions for access to ensure the security of the information.  But HOA software has this built right in.

    2 – Creating a community portal

    Normally, setting up a full-featured website for your neighborhood, including communications and the ability to schedule use of shared facilities, would require a significant investment of both time and talent.  But not if you have the right HOA software package!  Your residents can have access to a portal that gives them all their records, work order requests, financial history, and more… and with very little work on your part to set it up.

    3 – Filing specific tax forms

    Bookkeeping in an HOA can be a challenge, due to the specific forms and reporting necessary.  This is all built right into HOA software, including 1097 and 1099 processing.  You can quickly streamline all your reporting!

    4 – Overseeing Your HOA On the Road

    Great HOA software doesn’t only work in the office – it goes with you anywhere you go!  Free included mobile app access means you can see your properties, work orders, even communicate with the office, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.  That gives you even more freedom to manage your HOA your way, without being tied to the office.

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