Four Features in Condo Manager Software Your Residents Will Love

    Pitching a condo isn’t only about location and property value.  Potential residents also want to know that they’ll be getting great amenities and have input into how their condo is managed.  For many condo owners and managers, this can be an issue – but not with the right condo manager software package in your office.

    Software made specifically for the needs of condos is built with plenty of features for residents too.  These can make for great selling points, whether in ads or during in-person tours.

    Four Features in Condo Manager Software Your Residents Will Love

    1 – Forums and messaging

    A condo is also a community and building bonds between your residents is a great way to keep them in residence year after year.  A web portal full of messaging systems is a great way to do this!  The forums can handle everything from meetups to advertisements, while private messaging gives your residents one more way to connect.

    2 – Simple work order submission and tracking

    When there’s an issue in the building, residents want to know it’s being worked on – and a good software package makes that simple.  Residents can report any issues online, at any time of day or night, and without having to call the office. Then they can easily track their tickets through to completion.  It saves them time and saves you distracting phone calls.

    3 – Quick electronic payment

    Times are changing, and your condo needs to keep up.  An ever-increasing number of people prefer online payment options – or may even resent being asked to use cash or checks.  Condo manager software can act as a payment portal with numerous options, ranging from direct account debits to online-only payment systems such as PayPal or Bitcoin.  When you make paying a matter of a couple clicks, you’ll get a lot fewer excuses for nonpayment.

     4 – Recreational scheduling

    If your condo offers shared amenities, you know what a hassle it can be working out conflicts with reservations and scheduling.  It’s a hassle for you and for your residents.  However, when amenities scheduling is handled online with an open-access calendar system, these problems can be almost entirely avoided!

    Asyst6 Was Built for Your Needs

    Asyst6 is a software package designed by property managers, for property managers – full of features you and your residents will love.  Contact us today to learn more about Asyst6 condo manager software!

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