Condo Management Software Is a Worthwhile Investment

    Why invest in condo manager software when you already have everyday financial software?

    It’s a question we hear a lot, but as it turns out, it’s the question we specifically wanted to answer when we began planning our Asyst condo management software.  Coming from the property management industry ourselves, we were fully aware of the limitations in most standard financial programs, and how they failed to fully meet the needs of property managers.

    If you’re still “making do” with off-the-shelf financial/database systems, the right specialized condo management software could make a huge difference to your operation!

    5 Things Asyst6 Condo Management Software Can Do That Other Software Can’t

    1. An all-in-one portal

    Too often, we saw property managers having to string together several different programs to achieve the results they needed.  One database held their residential information.  Another database held their financials.  Any online communications (if any) were handled by a separate web app.

    Asyst6 does away with that maze of products.  It’s everything you need, in a single all-in-one portal which supports both you and your residents.

    1. Integrated payment systems

    Does your current financial system allow you to directly bill residents, as well as automatically send reminders of near-due and past-due bills?  Asyst6 offers these features and more, including multiple forms of electronic payment options.  The result is fewer missed payments and more predictable revenue.

    1. Facilities scheduling

    If your complex includes extra facilities that need scheduling such as meeting rooms, private clubs, or fitness rooms, you’ll appreciate this feature.  Integrated into the package is an easy-to-use scheduling system that allows your residents to set up the use of the facilities and without nagging you about it.

    1. Elections and voting

    We can guarantee you won’t find an off-the-shelf product with this feature.  Asyst6 allows you to easily schedule votes for member leadership positions, condo-wide initiatives, and more – all handled through the main portal.  Of course, vote tallying is part of the product as well.

    1. Work order and contractor tracking

    Asyst6 doesn’t only make it simple for residents to enter work orders and track their progress – it goes the extra mile and simplifies your work tracking the contractors as well.  You can sort them by price, time-to-completion, and overall satisfaction, making it easy to know who’s worth your money.

    Asyst Data Group

    Want to learn more about Asyst6?  Contact us today with your questions!

    Posted by Angie Jimenez  Posted on 30 Nov 
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