Asyst Data Group Proudly Announces New Features for Their Asyst6 Online Property Management Software

    March 5, 2017 – Irvine, CA – The leading online property management software package on the market just got even better. Asyst Data Group, creators of the revolutionary Asyst6 management platform, are adding three crucial new features to their existing software package.

    1. Board Portal Expansion

    Asyst6 already allows for multiple user portals to be created, making it easy for both renters/residents as well as employees and management to access the systems they need without accessing information outside their areas of responsibility. Asyst6 now has a major expansion to its Board Portal, giving high-level trustees all the information they need to keep track of their investments and property.

    1. An Auditor Portal

    A properly-conducted audit must be done securely and independently. For this reason, Asyst6 will have optional Auditor Portals which give auditors full access to all the data they need to do their jobs correctly, without having to rely on managers or executives for access.  

    1. Vendor History Module

    An expansion to existing features for tracking work orders, the vendor history module allows managers to track and annotate the performance of vendors and subcontractors. Those who do their jobs right the first time can be easily identified, while those who do not live up to expectations can be flagged.

    With these new features, Asyst6 is truly better than ever: the top online property management software package on the market.

    About Asyst Data Group

    Asyst Data Group was founded with a simple mission: Taking their existing experience in finances, auditing, and management of properties and create a single all-in-one software package specifically designed for the needs of property managers and HOAs. Asyst6 is the result, the most all-inclusive and user-friendly online property management software on the market which is built 100% around what will make life easiest for property managers. A modular design allows Asyst6 to be customized for each specific location and its own challenges, making for a truly robust software package.

    For more information or press inquiries, please visit https://myasyst.com or contact (949) 250-0110.

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