Asyst Data Group, Inc. Announces Five Key Elements to Look for when Changing Association Management Software

    January 10, 2016 – Irvine, CA – Managing a condo, HOA, apartment block, or other community project is an imposing and time-consuming job. Software solutions now exist which can greatly reduce the burdens on managers, while streamlining their duties.  However, with many options on the market, it can be hard to choose the best.

    Asyst Data Group software has assembled the following list of the top priorities a community manager should look for, when choosing a software tool to aid in proper association management:

    1. Rapid cost savings.

    Software can be expensive to implement, but should pay off that investment as quickly as possible. The more rapidly it creates positive ROI, the better.

    1. Risk reduction.

    With legal concerns and regulations growing ever-higher on the community association market, community management software must be designed to oversee and mitigate those risks as comprehensibly as possible.

    1. Simple Integration

    Can the software quickly integrate into a business’s existing software solutions? If not, that could add substantial amounts to the implementation costs.

    1. Quick Software Transition

    Any community management software must be easy to learn and utilize in day-to-day operations. It should not require extensive re-training to operate.

    1. Lowered Customer Service Burdens

    The more a software platform can handle and centralize customer/resident service issues, the better.  This major cost and distraction should not unnecessarily burden the executive board.

    Asyst Data Group software meets all these criteria and much more. It is the top option for all-in-one community management and oversight software. Contact Asyst Data Group directly for further information.

    About Asyst Data Group, Inc.

    Produced by community management professionals for community management professionals, Asyst Data Group is the world’s premiere software option for all-in one housing and community oversight. A plugin based system allows Asyst Data Group software to be tailored to a wide variety of needs and situations, including modules for accounting, collections, payables, problem tracking, community elections, homeowner inquiries, and more. iOS app access also allows community managers to keep tabs on their properties from anywhere, at any time.

    For more information, visit https://myasyst.com/ or contact (949) 250-0110.

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