5 Tips for Choosing Association Management Software

    The type of software your organization utilizes to manage its accounts can make a significant difference in terms of its financial performance over the long-term. To help guide you in choosing the right association management software, our Asyst Data Group team is highlighting five expert tips in this latest post.

    1. Build Your Selection Team

    Make sure that you start by building your selection team. This should be a group of stakeholders who each have diverse opinions on the options available. The team should have a clear goal for the process and should be able to communicate throughout the selection stages. A strong team might include both those with software and a financial background.

    1. Choose a Decision-Maker

    The leader should be chosen based on their experience within the marketplace and their understanding of all the software options. Choosing this leader will help ensure that a decision can be made swiftly while considering all opinions within the selection team. They should be able to compare vendors fairly and provide a single point of contact for the selection process.

    1. Assess Association Needs

    When considering association management software options, make sure the long-term needs of your group are taken into full consideration. Consider which are the must-have features for the software product and which features are simply nice to have. It may help to create a hierarchy to establish from top to bottom the most important elements of the software. Involve all members of the team in choosing these needs to achieve a well-rounded list.

    1. Identify Potential Vendors

    Now that you have an understanding on the association’s needs, you can begin working with vendors to review their products directly. List all the vendors whose products match your needs and then try to limit your potential vendor list to a group of three. Once this group is decided, you can then move on to the demo stage.

    1. Demo the Software

    Book a demonstration with the vendors you’ve selected and make sure you come prepared to the demonstration with questions about their association management software product. Example questions might include “What type of training do you offer?”, “Will you be adding new features in the short-term?”, and “What is the learning curve for the product?”.

    Asyst Data Group

    By following the tips in this latest post, you can determine the ideal Asyst software to help your organization grow over the coming years. To discover more on the selection process, contact us today!

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