5 Must-Read Sources of Information for HOAs and Other Community Managers from Condo Management Software Leader Asyst

    The housing and rental industry is a fast-changing one, with new trends, ideas, condo management software, and regulations coming out regularly. A smart community manager needs to be proactively seeking out sources of information, so they can be looking ahead rather than getting blindsided by unexpected changes.

    The good news is that there are plenty of resources out there for HOA members, community managers, and property managers.  These are some of the ones we turn to when we’re looking for information.

    Five Great Resources for Information About the Community Management Industry

    1. The Community Associations Institute

    The CAI is probably the single best source for all the news and information you would want to see, and that’s on top of their great work as industry spokespeople. From educational resources to job opportunities, they really have it all.

    1. Associations Now

    Spun off from Associations Now Magazine, their website is one of our top sources for great blogs about the industry. They have a knack for looking ahead, and letting readers know about upcoming trends that are worth following.

    1. The Community Associations Network

    A great community for community managers, the CAN website places particular emphasis on politics and legal news. Likewise, they also have extensive reference materials on existing laws. This makes it an excellent resource for keeping up with major state- and Federal-level initiatives that can have an impact on your business.

    1. HOA News Media

    Just like the name suggests, this website is devoted almost exclusively to news related to the HOA industry.  They do a fair amount of independent research and journalism.  However, the real draw is their online forum section, which is a great meeting ground for exchanging ideas.

    1. Better Condo Life

    This is a rare “pure blog” that isn’t trying to sell anything, and is focused on all aspects of condo living from a management perspective. It’s updated regularly, and is great for condo day-to-day “life hacks” to improve quality of living.

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