5 Features to Look For When Choosing HOA Software

    We know at Asyst Data Group, the right HOA software package can make your life as a property manager easier in so many ways.  Today, you can get specialized accounting software for homeowners associations that are full of quality-of-life improvements which streamline your office operations, as well as helping to keep your homeowners happy!

    The key is looking for the features which are specific to HOA software, which you wouldn’t necessarily find in more general-purpose products.  Specialization is what will make the software investment pay off.

    Five Features You Need In Your HOA Software Package

    1. Per-lot historical records

    It’s generally quite tricky to set up a standard database to track information on a property-by-property basis, much less being able to easily retrieve information.  This is one of the strongest features in good accounting software for homeowners associations – being able to track the value, equity, maintenance, and more for each individual property.

    1. Integrated member portal

    Want to cut down on time-consuming calls to your office for records-lookup?  Make them self-serve!  Software for HOAs can easily include a member portal that allows each member to pull their own records at any time, and without pestering you about it.

    1. Electronic billing, payment, and reminders

    If you still have to send out bills or reminders by hand, this could be a lifesaver.  A good HOA app will include a full payment module that tracks members’ dues and other payments, sends out reminders as appropriate, and provides easy access to electronic payment systems – all automatically.  It becomes easier for your members to pay their bills, so you get paid more reliably.

    1. Mobile app support

    You shouldn’t have to be in the office full-time, or necessarily even have someone always there staffing it.  Mobile app support makes this possible.  With go-anywhere access to live data, you can have total oversight over your properties and their management from anywhere in the world.  This gets you out of the office more often, and that’s always a good thing.

    1. Modularity

    There’s really no such thing as one-size-fits-all HOA software, so look for a solution with modular options.  Then you can pick and choose the features you need, without loading the software down with options you’ll never use.

    Asyst6 Makes HOA Management Simple

    Our Asyst6 software package has everything an HOA manager needs to succeed – and more!  Contact us today to see it for yourself.

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