4 Big Benefits of Online Property Management Software for Property Managers

    If you and your staff are still trying to manage your properties manually, or with ad-hoc software solutions cobbled together from packages like Microsoft Office, you are probably making your lives harder than necessary!  The best property management software solutions on the market are tailored specifically for the needs of managers like yourself, with an eye towards streamlining operations for yourself and for your residents.

    There are a lot of reasons to embrace modern online property management software, and few reasons not to.  Here are just some of the improvements you can see with the right software upgrades.

    Four Improvements You’ll Get from Online Property Management Software

    1 – Drastically less paperwork

    Paperwork takes time to deal with, as well as being costly and time-consuming to file and maintain.  Top property management software can nearly eliminate that paperwork, by digitizing almost everything.  Even payments can be handled electronically!  Speaking of which…

    2 – More and better payment options

    Dealing with resident payments can become so much easier.  The property management portal can be configured to accept a variety of electronic payments from direct bank debits, to e-payment systems like PayPal.  It can even automatically send out reminders, as appropriate, based on your settings.  More options and more reminders mean more payments, and you can’t get much better than that.

    3 – Superior work order oversight

    Keeping track of work orders can be a major pain, but online property management software makes it much easier.  Orders can be submitted and tracked online, with their status updated as the work progresses.  You can also track your contractors and their performance, to help you recognize which workers are worth the money you’re paying.

    Best of all: when the system is online, you’ll be spending less time fielding calls from the residents.

    4 – Full financial features

    Forget about trying to manually set up an excel spreadsheet to track expenses, property values, depreciation, and other critical financial matters.  The best property management software packages streamline all this, making it easy to import your existing records and then engage in robust trends analysis and tracking.  Have a better handle on the current value of your properties, and know what to expect in the future!

    Asyst6 Is Your Top Option in Property Management Software

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